Contact details:


PRO-KAMRO – 3D Print Poznań

ul. K. Arciszewskiego 25/96

60-269 Poznań


Tel. +48 534 715 762

(+48 534 672 254)

NIP: 7791296672

REGON: 364914152

mgr inż. Piotr Kamrowski


Tel. +48 692 025 085

(In case of problems with attaching files, please send a message directly to the e-mail address or use


Additional information:
In the contact form, please describe as far as possible the model for 3D printing as accurately as possible.
Important features for the preparation of 3D printing parameters and its valuation are:
• overall dimensions of the printed 3d model
• purpose, application and possible working conditions of the facility
• tolerance for the surface smoothness of the product
Immediately after reading the message, based on the information sent and files with photos, sketches, CAD projects or 3d models, 
the analysis and preliminary valuation of the 3d printing service and associated treatments are carried out. 
The deadline for completing the order depends on the current queue of orders, on average it should be taken about 3 business days.

The standard cost of spatial printing from PLA basic material is PLN 1.90 per gram of reprinted filament. 
In the case of other plastics, the price of the service is proportionally higher than the value of the material and its technical requirements.

The price of the 3D printing service itself is primarily determined by:
• the weight of the material used to print the object, ie its overall size and the amount of filling
• complexity of the shape of the object which translates into print time and precision
• selection of the type of material used: PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, various types of composite, etc.

The cost of shipping in Poland up to 0.50 kg - PLN 14
There is also the possibility of picking up in person at the PRO-KAMRO office.

The rate of CAD / CAM design, 3D modeling and technical consulting is PLN 50 net.

Valuations of courses and trainings conducted by PRO-KAMRO are determined individually depending on the number of participants and the place of implementation.

For detailed questions, we encourage you to contact us by phone.


Payments and transfers:
Payments for 3D printing services, unless it has been individually agreed otherwise, 
are accepted by bank transfer as prepaid or in cash upon personal collection at the company's headquarters.

Bank transfer details:

PRO-KAMRO Krystyna Tustanowska-Kamrowska

ul. K.Arciszewskiego 25/96

60-269 Poznań

Bank: Bank Zachodni WBK S. A.

Nr rachunku: 69 1090 1346 0000 0001 3312 1277


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